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Lovemaking Picnic

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Lindsey and Chad decide to get away from it all on their quads. They cruise out to a remote part of the desert, and set up a camp site, with a tent, a fire, and a picnic. But all they can think about is feasting on each other, so they kiss and lick and make love by the light of the moon and the flickering fire. Now isn't that romantic?.

Caveman Style Sex

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Brad and Anna are outside a cave, with Brad nude and Anna only wearing a loin-cloth type skirt. They play cave man and woman and have hot passionate sex on the ground in front of their cave. No towel, no blanket, just like primitive cave dwellers or one of the clan of the cave bear people just bare ground and a desire to make each other orgasm..

Lovemaking in the Garden

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Arial and Roman have a garden breakfast, sharing orange juice and tasty bits. Soon though, they are sharing passionate kisses and Arial shows him that she isn't wearing panties. He goes down on her, licking her to orgasm, then she licks him back. Soon they are making love on the chairs and the table with orgasmic abandon..

Love on the Roof

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Sky is up on the roof of their building getting a sun tan, when her boyfriend Sean comes up to check on her. A few kisses leads Sean convincing Sky to have some sex up on the rooftop! Wondering if the neighbors will see, or bust them fucking, only adds to the orgasms..

Lovemaking in the Sand

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Glenna and Richie steal away to a deserted sand bank next to a wash. There they kiss and play until Glenna whips off her undies and challenges Frank to make love to her in the sand. Now what man can resist that?.

Seduction At The Pool

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Alexia spies Josh swimming alone in the pool area and decides to seduce him to have sex a the pool. She drops her suit to the deck while he watches, then walks over for some cunnilingus. They have sex in the water, on the pool edge and on a lawn chair until they are spent, with the risk of being discovered adding to the intensity of the orgasms..

Loving The Landscaper

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When Julie got home and saw the hunky landscaper Brad, whom she had the hots for, working up a sweat shoveling dirt, she had an idea for some sex in her car to help him work up an even better one by licking her pussy, then having some very creative sex..

Queen Gets Screwed

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What would it have been like to be an ancient Queen of a castle, who had total control on who gains entrance to your "Queendom"? Lets say a former enemy soldier climbs up the steps seeking entrance. Saying he wishes to fight for your people, forsaking his vows and loyalty to his old clan. You are instantly attracted to him, so you give him the condition that to prove his loyalty, he must make love to you on the castle steps in full view..

Jason and Kristina

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Hunky porn star Jason McCain takes his girlfriend Kristina to a stone fountain in the courtyard. There, he pulls off her clothes, then licks her pussy to orgasm, then pulls her into some sweet sixty-nine. .

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