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Romance In The Garden

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Carol and Glen have a romantic breakfast in their private garden. They tease each other by feeding bits of food. Nibbling on fingers, then sharing a french roll. Soon though, desert is served as he is licking her to orgasm, then making love to her on the garden table! Ahhhh, now isn't that romantic?.

Wine and Sex

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Ricardo and Anne are celebrating their one year anniversary. Ricardo pulls out a bottle of wine, and pours them each a glass, then they drink a toast to their love. But when they kiss after the toast, things heat up and lead to cunnilingus and hot sex on the table for dessert!.

Picture Me Aroused

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Lizette is taking a nap and Ricardo comes in to wake her up. They have recently moved in, and their mirror is propped up by the bed. As she sleeply comes awake, she can't help but see his arousal for her in the mirror as he spied her lying there. It is such a turn on when a man is turned on by viewing your body!.

Loved By Antonio

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Amer and Antonio are sharing breakfast when Amer leans over and starts kissing Antonio. Soon she is unzipping his pants and reaching for his cock. He picks her up and carries her over to the counter where he licks her to orgasm, then they make love on the table..

Cooking Up Romance

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Stacy and Clark are banging around the kitchen,putting away the dishes. As they play, the begin rubbing up against each other, and soon a household chore turns steamy as they start kissing, then make love on the counter tops and kitchen chairs. Now that is the way porn for women should be! .

Tea Time Lovemaking

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Denise and Bobby are getting ready to enjoy tea time with a cup of warm tea and company. But things soon heat to a boil as they start to kiss, nibble then undress and make love on the counter top. Definitely better than following your tea with biscuits..

After Work Lovemaking

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Alan and Cyndie arrived home after a hard day of work, and had a cup of coffee together. Cyndie was glad to be home, and felt her tense shoulders start to relax at the thought of the long weekend ahead. She watched as Alan loosened his tie, and she reached over and pulled it off from around his neck, and helped him pull his suit coat off. "Oh honey, I know what can relax both of us, so they made love until they both orgasmed good..

Join Me In The Bath

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This fantasy involves Very hunky Brendon, who is getting ready to take a bubble bath. His girlfriend Arla, comes down the stairs and spies on him getting naked and in the tub. When he sees her, he pulls her into the bath fully clothed. He proceeds to lick kiss and remove her clothing then make love to her in and out of the bubbles..

Romantic Hanky Panky

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Nothing says hanky panky quite like a big brass bed. Cathrine and Chad fall into bed kissing each other. Before long, they are pulling off their clothes, having some cunnilingus and sixtynine, then Cathrine and Chad are pounding away to orgasm..

Lovemaking in the Sand

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Glenna and Richie steal away to a deserted sand bank next to a wash. There they kiss and play until Glenna whips off her undies and challenges Frank to make love to her in the sand. Now what man can resist that?.

Lovemaking In The Kitchen

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Viki was totally uninspired. She had no idea what to cook for dinner that night. When Chad walked in wearing only skin tight shorts, and rubbed his erection against her, she knew that lovemaking was going to be on the menu first before dinner! After exchanging kisses and nibbles, cunnilingus and cock sucking they wound up on the counter top pounding away to mutual orgasm..

Kisses Nibbles and Lovemaking

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Clark and Dora love to snuggle and take it slow. A few kisses. Licks along the column of her neck. Cunnilingus. A few licks and nibbles on his cock. Then finally, passionate lovemaking that leaves them sweaty and sated..

Love Me Tender

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Kelly is reading a book when Chad walks up and starts to cuddle. When he takes the book away and puts it down, she know she is in for some loving. He starts slowly with kisses and cunnilingus but soon they are going at it lustily on the couch..

Lets Make Love

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Ginger and Max are bummed, beause the cable is out, and they can not watch their favorite show on TV. So what is a couple to do? Make love instead! Kisses lead to cunnilingus then passionate sex on their green leather couch as this couple find out that lovemaking is way better than television!.

Dreamy Lovemaking

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Denise and Bobby are getting ready for bed, tired from the day. But as they kiss while undressing, and a slow fire ignites. They show you donít have to be wide awake to have slow passionate lovemaking..

Lovemaking Couple

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Undressing Slowly. Sometimes, that is what you want, and that is what Matt gives to Mary in these pics. Long, lingering kisses while she feels his erection bulging in his pants. Clit licks with her panties pulled aside, and her bra pulled down, but not off. Then finally, he undresses her fully, entering her with passion as this lovemaking couple pleasure each other..

Surprising Sex

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When Carol comes home early from a trip and surprises her lover Brad, she didn't know that she'd be getting some surprise sex from him as a reward. A few kisses and nibbles later, they are making passionate love on the couch..

Love and Sex

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Bob kisses her hand like an old fahioned gentleman. He kisses her passionately, then works his way down to her womanhood, kissing her through her panties, then moving them aside and running his tongue over her wet cleft until she orgasms. Then the sex part begins as she slides down on his rock hard cock, her core like a fist swollen hot and wet around his thick shaft..

After The Holidays

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Ellen and Ned have just returned home after celebrating the holidays with Ellen's parents. After spending the day eating, opening presents, and visiting, its time for a private celebration in bed. They celebrate the spirit of the holidays with lovemaking that sweeps them away in orgasmic delight..

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