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Face Fucked Ass Fucked Cumming Hard

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Sexy redhead visits her brother-in-law at the BDSM studio where he works. Maybe if she hadn't made the mistake of bragging that she was the more adventurous sister, or if she hadn't said she wanted to see what it felt like to be tied up, the two of them would have just gone to lunch as they planned. But plans are for those who don't know how to improvise. He restrains her with ropes in a back arch position, then strips her down and goes to town on her throat in a rough face fucking..

All Holes Filled Begging For More

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Veruca is a petite little anal slut who loves public sex. She gets publicly humiliated, spanked, flogged and fucked hard in all her tight little holes. She's ball-gagged and locked into a neck-to-wrist spreader stocks. Her nipples and pussy lips are butterfly clamped and chained to each other. A blindfold, zapper sticks, leather strap, spatula paddle, lots of fingering and fucking plus a vibrating wand push her from pain to pleasure over and over again as she begs for more. (more...).

Lost Girl Captured by Disturbed Man

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Pretty girl wanders into the wrong warehouse and a disturbed and lonely shipping clerk decides to keep her as his very own captive creamer. In his perverse world, pretty girls should be kept in inescapable bondage and firmly gagged so that nobody can hear their cries. She fights against the ropes and her muffled screams rage behind drool drenched gags as orgasm after orgasm is ripped from her pretty, pale flesh. Is this a hopeless situation with no end for the pretty, petite damsel? (more...).

Chained Down, Roughed Up and Face-Fucked

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Lyla's been chained to a toilet and left until her holes are needed again. Owen enters and gets right to manhandling her and using her mouth for his pleasure. She's helpless and can only submit to his wishes, which is to see her fuck the toilet handle while she sucks his cock. Lyla is then tied to the wall with one leg pulled up to fully expose her pussy and prevent her from stoping his cock from entering her filthy cunt. She fights back, but in the end he gets what he wants. (more...).

Redhead Street Slut Gets Gangfucked

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Penny Jean isn't making it on the mean streets. A stranger offers her cash for a gangbang, and she jumps at the opportunity. She has a chance to escape but doesn't even make it through the door before five dudes are on her. They throw her around like a rag doll, and fuck her in every hole. Lots of double-penetration and three cocks at once making her airtight. They cum inside her slutty cunt and her whole body is dripping with disgrace by the time she finishes what she signed up for. (more...).

Asa Akira is Tied Up, Gangfucked and Creampied

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Asa Akira is blackmailed with a sex tape and meets her blackmailer at a remote location where she's bound in metal restraints. She's fucked while sleeping, then awakes to find herself surrounded by five cocks ready to fill her pussy with cum. This little Asian hottie gets double penetrated, stuffed airtight in all of her holes at the same time, ass fucked in bondage, creampied, covered in cum, then left tied-up and smiling in an abandoned building. (more...).

Brutal Deep Throat and Forced Orgasms

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Mark tosses Maddy a blindfold and instructs her to put it on tight. He links her leather cuffs together behind her back and she's completely helpless. A couple of hard face slaps and the bitch is under control. Grabbing her hair and pulling her head down, Maddy instinctively knows that hard cock is coming and her mouth opens in anticipation. Mark starts slow. If you go too fast too soon, all you have is a girl gagging on your cock. Fucking a bound girl's skull is an artform and when (more...).

Priest Sexually Punishes Two Girl Students

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Trouble-making girls Evi Fox and Kiki Vidis are too much for Sister Pink to handle. After being ridiculed and disgraced, the Sister goes to ask very strict Father Deen for assistance in putting these two girls back on a righteous path. Father Deen's unorthodox approach to discipline is very effective. Well, at least it's effective in turning these hot girls into a pair of apologetic fuck sluts. The two sinners are punished with rough sex, bondage, degradation and corporal punishment. (more...).

Lollipop Girl Manhandled and Fucked

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Karmen is taken to a souvenir and candy shop where she becomes the center of attention for some perverse old men and strangers. She's spanked, used and manhandled. She gets tied-up and finger-banged by tourists while they take snapshots. The perverted crowd fucks her pussy with candy and lollipops and stuffs her mouth with stiff dicks. She's fucked by huge hard cocks. Stuffing her mouth with candy to sweeten the hot loads they spray on her face and dump in her open waiting mouth. (more...).

Brutally Rough Outdoor Bondage Sex

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The Unit consists of highly-skilled former military, bondage producers and porn actors. It's well-funded and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources. All assembled to deliver the highest quality fantasies, rough sex and skilled bondage to the hottest, richest females in the world, who pay handsomely to have their sexual fantasies fulfilled. Today's mission includes rough anal sex, brutal deep-throating, squirting, special custom bondage devices, and amazing rope work. (more...).

Trailer Trash Abduction Gangbang

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Penny gets snatched away from her job at the local drive-through by five hicks in a beat-up trailer asking for directions. They take her to the middle of nowhere and the games begin. She's tied on a leash and pulled behind a moving car. Dragged to a deserted shack, she's fondled and defiled. They stuff all three of her holes, greedily fucking her little body with huge hard filthy cocks. They fuck her ass with a stick, fist her and laugh as they stuff two cocks into her pussy. (more...).

Sleazy Sex Shop Slut Roughly Fucked

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Luna Light is disgraced in public at a sleazy sex shop filled with nasty horny guys. She's dragged around and swarmed like a little blow-up doll by pervy men ready to fulfill the fantasies they came here for. She crawls on the floor and sucks dirty dick while getting her tiny tits grabbed and whore pussy tormented with a vibrator. Hot women fuck her holes with dicks on sticks. Finally she gets dragged into a dark booth, blindfolded and pounded through a glory-hole. (more...).

Bonnie Rotten Inked Bound Throated

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Bonnie Rotten isn't afraid of a little pain and suffering to get what she wants. Matt makes her put on her own gag, then tightly binds her elbows and wrists in an uncomfortable position. He makes her take off her shorts, then grabs her neck, throws her against a wall and makes her cum in seconds with a vibrator. Matt fucks her throat deep and hard, then bends her over and fucks her pussy until she cums again, then back to face fucking until she's covered in her own spit and drool, then (more...).

Paparazzi Ambush Gangfuck Celebrity

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A high-profile celebrity client of a fantasy fulfillment service sees paparazzi swarming the building and fears that evidence of her visit will make the news and ruin her career. When she opens the door the cameramen bust in on her, strip her naked, and take pictures of her with cocks in every hole. As she's manhandled and aggressively fucked she realizes that this isn't the usual invasion of privacy, but rather, an invasion of her body and exactly the fantasy that she ordered. (more...).

Farm Slut Bound and Roughly Fucked

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Allie when she's back home from college for the summer, alone with her father on their farm. She's been slutting it up with her short shorts and skimpy tops, and she's attracted a secret admirer who knows every detail of her daily schedule. For weeks he's been watching, observing, and planning. Today's the day her secret admirer will make his presence known. Her stalker has a devious plot to introduce this innocent corn-fed farm slut to a world of bondage, deep throating and rough sex. (more...).

Cheyenne Jewel Three-Hole Whore

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The Armory throws a party for the Public Disgrace crew in the Speakeasy bar and a lot of kinky perverts are invited to come enjoy themselves. One of the party favors is the sexy brunette Cheyenne Jewel. She's tied with tight ropes and subjected to intense public BDSM. She get fucked, sucks cocks, is double-penetrated and made air-tight with stiff cocks in all of her holes at once. Stripped, restrained, tormented and humiliated in a public setting is what this is all about. (more...).

Girl Advertises Seeking a Gangbang

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Annie Cruz's husband goes out of town and she's looking for some action so she puts an ad online saying she wants to set up a gangbang. But she quickly gets in way over her head when the boys show up and get rougher with her than she anticipated. There's hot sex in bondage, blowbanging, rough fucking, face slapping, hair pulling, squirting, and double penetration in this brutal episode. (more...).

Sexy Nurse is Overpowered, Bound and Fucked

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Nurse Asphyxia Noir is checking on a patient confined in a padded cell when she gets attacked from behind and put in restraints by her captor. She's ravished and fucked hard by mental patient James Deen in this erotic fantasy episode. This is one of the sexiest and most intense takedown scenes with amazing chemistry between the performers. Witness Asphyxia delirious with ecstasy while fucked mercilessly in hard bondage. (more...).

Brutal Bondage, Deep Throated, Machine Sex

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Ana Foxx is locked hard into a back-bending custom-made metal bondage device. A powerful fucking machine has her deeply impaled. Her head's at perfect skull-fucking height and her hard huge nipples have suction cups applied to make them even larger. The machine brings the helpless slut to the first of many brutal orgasms. As Ana's mouth opens to moan in orgasmic bliss a hard cock is jammed down her throat. Ana struggles to multi-task as orgasm after orgasm is fucked out of her helpless (more...).

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