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Filthy Slut Tested for Slave Training

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The new slave trainee is tall and blonde with a pretty face, a nice ass and great tits. She says she wants to be a perfect slut. What makes a slut perfect, she's asked. She gets a dumbstruck look on her face like she never expected to have to actually participate in her own training on an intellectual level. This might be a long day. She's bound, cropped, vibed, suspended, cunt clamped and made to sweat like a little pig while being drilled on what she really wants from her training. (more...).

Intense Sex Slave Training Program

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Sophie Monroe, aka The Governess, has become "dolly meats" to enter an intense five-day slave training program. Multiple tormentors pushed her to her limits during her first four days. Now the final day will be lots of sex training. Cock sucking seems to be a weakness but Maestro makes sure she gets it right. Her pussy gets well-used and she gets anal training too of course. Her five-day performance has now set the bar a bit higher for all trainees who follow her on this path. (more...) 491.

Lifestyle BDSM House Tests Slavegirls

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Cherry Torn and Bella Rossi's serving skills are tested on a 24-point scale in this Lifestyle BDSM Household. Hungry to earn their rewards, both sluts stretch their asses for the trainer while he dines. Fucking themselves with butt plugs to butter knives, the house slaves score a 19 out of 24, granting them their reward: hot orgasms and painful bondage at the hands of the House's head butler. (more...).

Sex Slave Tested Tormented Cumming

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The training of beautiful submissive sluts includes kinky mindfucks and psychological domination. Chloe is interviewed and handed the Bucket of Pain, which seems to be a harmless tin pail. But this little tramp is soon reduced to tears without them hardly lifting a finger. They like to lift fingers though, so next she's mounted on a post with legs spread wide, her cunt pulled open, and her inner thighs exposed. She's shocked with a cattle prod, and her pussy is stuffed, slapped and (more...).

Alpha Slave Breaks In New Slavegirl

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House slave Bella Rossi has a new recruit to break-in. She puts Kahill in her place by stuffing her tight asshole with a little piggie butt plug, nose hooking her face, and giving her a hard strap-on face fuck. This episode includes slave rules and protocols, slave discipline, slaves crawling in chains, alpha slave domination, strap-on face fucking, lesbian pussy fucking with strap-on, strap-on domination, butt plug piggie, nose hook, erotic humiliation, bare-handed ass spanking, pussy (more...).

Extreme Torments While Facing Fears

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This is the fourth day of professional grade slave training for Adrianna Luna. Her first day was mostly sexual domination. The second day polished her sexual service skills. On day three a sadistic trainer, who knew she fears confinement, put her in a full upper body encasement and mounted her on a Sybian for shattering orgasms. But today is the day that's going to stand out the most for her, as she's made to endure extreme torments while facing her fears head on. (more...).

Sadistic Master Punishing Pain Slut

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Lovely pain slut Seda is on her second day of training under the creative and strict James Mogul. Her suffering begins with bondage that ties her arms behind her back while she has to balance on a small wooden block as James subjects her to verbal and psychological humiliation. He attaches clothespins to her sensitive places while making her answer his questions. Failure means more punishment with streams of high-pressure cold water direct at those attached clamps. With her hands (more...).

Slaves Punished Humiliated Fucked

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The house slaves have a terrible habit of avoiding discovery of their mistakes, which typically lands them in even more trouble. Tonight is no exception. The slaves forget to serve dinner to the guests promptly and the mistakes continue from there. Orgasms are stolen, incorrect answers given, and lies are told. Luckily, James Deen is not there for dinner, but for domination. He has his eye on the girls the entire time and keeps them occupied with foot service, cock worship, and (more...).

Training Sex Slave Katharine Cane

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There's one last detail of Katharine's slave training that has to be addressed, and that's learning to service a male dominant. So she's tested on her cock sucking skills and then given ways to improve them. She's sadistically manhandled and then fucked into submission in the first hour of being on set. She's suspended, her legs spread wide, and brutally fucked again before exploring her ass. Her ass is pounded hard and fast before she's brought down to complete the day by paying off (more...).

Cherry Torn Advanced Slave Ritual

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When a slave trains for acceptance to service on The Upper Floor they must petition and then begin as an initiate. They slowly advance through freshmen, sophomore and junior to become senior slaves. Each of these levels has certain requirements which the slave must meet and there are events they have to attend and demonstrate their abilities to those in attendance before being allowed to move to the next level. This House slave was given the chance to advance in rank from sophomore to (more...).

Adrianna Luna Trains as Sex Slave

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A special request from Derrick Pierce was to train his slave for him. Adrianna is very new to BDSM and has a lot to learn. He's been working with her, but she's far from slave material right now. Adrianna learns quickly that what happens at home in private and what they do in professional grade slave training are totally different things. Derrick has a very sadistic side that she finds out more about through her sexual training. There's brutal face fucking and intense (more...).

Sex Slave Training Beretta James

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This is Beretta's fifth day of sex slave training. Today she must face her final challenge if she hopes to secure her place as House slave. Will she be able to pass the ultimate tests of self-control and discipline? Beretta endures a difficult crotch rope and bears a lot of weight on her pussy but bravely sticks it out. She pushes her limits to the very edge in a challenging blindfolded position. The sensory deprivation is a mind-fuck and she's shaking with fear in anticipation for the (more...).

Sex Slaves Corrected and Punished

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The evening starts like any other, except Steward has a bone to pick with slave tramp. She's bound to a cross and the slave consort is placed in front of her so that she gets a clear view of what the consort has to endure for tramp's shortcomings. The Butler is present to assist in the punishment of the slaves. The Steward is so disappointed with them that he removes their precious collars and cuffs and tells them they'll have to earn them back. The slaves are then punished more by (more...).

Slave Training for Whore Humility

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Within the first 10 minutes James Deen has his fist in trainee rosie as she struggles to remember everything she's learned about protocol and grace. After her supple body endures a sound beating and fucking, she performs all 12 slave positions from memory for the first time while James takes every opportunity get his cock serviced. The day continues with rosie still struggling but focused as she's tied in tight rope bondage, fucked, caned, humiliated, and clamped. This slut is (more...).

Fifty Shades of Sex Slave Training

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A group of girls are having drinks at a pub when a man enters with what seems to be a submissive slave in tow. One girl notices and points it out to her friends. They talk about it, giving their opinions, and one girl wants to question the couple. Her friends warn her, but curiosity wins and she approaches them. She clearly knows more about BDSM than she told her friends and strikes the curiosity of the man. He proposes that if she's true in her intentions, that she come with him and (more...).

Underground Sex Slave Marketplace

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San Francisco is plagued with an underground slave trade, yet the missing persons reports have not increased. The media has taken notice with hopes of digging in and finding the truth. Now we get a first-hand look into this dark world, only to see that there's a reason these things go on and why. There are four girls caged in an abandoned warehouse like animals, while their trainer and spotter sit by patiently waiting for their next client to appear. He walks in and begins inspecting (more...).

Slave's Cruel BDSM Birthday Games

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Slaveirl ash got her birthday beating and new collar. Now she takes over for slave sin and recieves her birthday fucking. Mark Davis and Isis Love have slave sin laid out like a piece of meat over the fuck table and maneuver Mark's dick between sin's ass and slave kaos' mouth. Once Isis is bored with sin, skin is called over to receive a whipping and the pleasure of being fucked by both dominant guests. While she may receive more orgasms than she would usually be granted, but it's (more...).

Intense Lesbian BDSM Slave Training

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Ariel X has one of the most toned and sculpted bodies in the business and Aiden Starr is determined to break her down in this lesbian sex slave training session. After working her muscles to a painful burn, Ariel is bound and spread open for Aiden to abuse her feet, pussy, and asshole. Her senses are being pushed as hard as her body to find her weaknesses. She's then put into a predicament bondage that ensures her body will fail her, while being made to fuck herself with an over-sized (more...).

Sexually Submissive Slave Training

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Jade Indica is on her fourth day of intensive slave training to serve the Masters and Mistresses of the Armory. To improve her obedience and her sexual skills she's marched around to various locations where performers are being filmed for other websites and is made to serve and sexually service the men and women on these sets. This is all part of a professional-grade slave training course where ruthless slave trainers continuously present tasks and obstacles that the trainee must... (more...).

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