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Latex Nurse's Little Red Riding Whore

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Skimpily-dressed partygoer Lyla Storm's the perfect bait for predator Felony. This sexy Little Red Riding Hood get hooded for real when a leather hood is pulled over her head as she's snatched off the street and dragged into a secret lair where hot latex nurse Felony torments and humiliates her prey. Lyla is subjected to water torture and breath control, hair pulling, predicament bondage, sybian torture, ass worship, forced pussy licking, fisting, squirting, and anal strap-on fucking..

Fresh Bondage Meat Cums and Squirts

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He ties her elbows tight behind her back, then wraps the rough rope around her pretty, slutty thighs and pushes her to the floor. He shoves her face down, ass up, and rips at those silky little panties. The air hits her skin and he can smell her moist cunt. He holds out the rubber cock and tells her to get it. So amusing to watch her struggle against the rope to get that fat cock in her horny little pussy. She's drooling all over herself, making a fucking mess, squirming, moaning and (more...).

Squirting Fisting Machine Sex Girls

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Isis Love and Gia DiMarco start with real, deep, hot kissing to get each other started for a fisting, machine-fucking scene that's unreal in squirt proportions, fucking and orgasms. Isis kisses, fingers and fists Gia. Gia kisses, fingers and fists Isis. Gia gets nailed by the thumper machine while she fists Isis' pussy who stands over her squirting on her while another powerful machine rams her pussy making her squirt. This is some of the hottest lesbian machine sex you'll ever see. (more...).

Caned Suspended Cuffed Ass-Fucked

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Tough, doe-eyed, raven-haired beauty, Katharine Kane loves everything about BDSM. Felony treats her like a piece of meat, stringing her up from her ankles and flogging, spanking and caning her. Katharine's only reward comes from Felony sliding her leather gloves inside Katharine's tight pussy. She's suspended and fucked, made to lick Felony's pussy and ass until she's squirted on in a drenching shower, then handcuffed and strap-on fucked deep in her sweet little ass. (more...).

Burning Hunger for Submission and Suffering

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Felony has a hunger, a burning desire to please a man at her own expense; to be handled and used by someone powerful. Cyd Black is hungry to watch a beautiful woman suffer. The ropes bite deeply into Felony's skin. Her legs are bent, her arms secured behind her and there are bells on her nipples. When he exposes her pussy she's instantly aroused. But if she thinks it's orgasm time she's going to be terribly surprised. Cyd intends to make her scream before letting her cream. (more...).

Category Five Suspension Squirting

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When Felony cums, a sex demon enters her body and she becomes some insane host to a beast from a parallel sex dimension. That's pretty much why she's bound so severely: to protect the crew. This is category 5 bondage and suspension, the hardest tie the human body can take. While suspended, they make her cum and squirt. She shoots cum halfway across the room as she cums and cums and cums. In the end she's just a mindless shell, mentally broken, physically bound and still suspended. (more...).

High-Speed Machine Fucked Squirting

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Aiden Ashley, a sexy and tough stunt girl, challenged Fucking Machines by saying "I'm up to try, but good luck getting me off." Wonder if she'll be made to cum or laugh at the machines and walk out? Well, after pushing her to one machine orgasm it's like the seal on her box of orgasms has been ripped off. She winds up squirting for only the third time ever and needs help getting off the machine. Now they figure it's time to machine-fuck this little acrobat until she taps out. (more...).

Sexy Girl Gets Gangfucked in Public

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Near perfect Italian hottie Gia DiMarco is taken to a public bar where she's humiliated and fucked. The crowd cheers for squirt, and squirt she does, all over the bar, then squirts into a glass which she's made to drink. She gets fingered, double-penetrated, face-fucked by a stranger with a huge cock, strap-on fucked, spanked, electro-shocked, slapped around, abused, and treated like the sex-crazy whore that (more...).

Double-Vaginal Machine Fucking

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The theme is Mach 4 Fucking as they start off with double-vaginal machine fucking. Charley Chase takes two cocks in her pussy from The Snake, a workhorse machine that has an alternating stroke. It's also waterproof so it doesn't short out when Charley squirts on it. This girl loves getting fucked by high-speed machines. After a warm-up that would finish most girls, Charley goes on to fuck in doggie with The Little Guy until the sheets are soaked and her face is buried mouth first into (more...).

So Where's Your God Now, Bitches

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Felony starts bound spread and helpless. Mark cuts and trims her unruly pussy hair, depositing the trimmings into her mouth. Then it's time to make this MILF cum and cum hard. Her first orgasm is a squirt-fest of biblical proportions. She didn't have permission to cum, so he canes her feet and brings the vibrator back again. Her second orgasm dwarfs her other in intensity and volume and Felony becomes a drooling, cum-drunk mess. Next he pulls her legs back and gives her a brutal rough (more...).

Roller Derby Girls Machine-Fucked

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Angel Dust stands in a dark roller rink with a shaft of light highlighting her short white skirt, her breasts, her roller skates. She's facing a hardcore sexy group of judges. Seated on a couch eyeing her with stares as cold as the rink itself are Gold Star team captain Chopper Armoff, co-captain Raid E. Ation and lead skater, Care Bear Storm. Standing behind them is the team Goon. This skating audition is going to be rough. Gold Star is a team that'll fuck you and then fuck you up (more...).

Real Lifestyle BDSM House Brunch

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The Upper Floor Steward has invited the local BDSM community to have brunch with The House. Right at the start, one cheeky female guest questions the dining table's capabilities, and has her head fastened in the table stocks with her ass exposed in the air. Her Master makes sure to answer all her questions with a flogger while slave kaos rips orgasms from her vulnerable pussy. Once everyone moves into the lounge, Christine tears into Moriel with a female friend, caning, flogging, and (more...).

Five Dicks in the Ass All at Once

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Amy Brooke and Alysa warm up fisting each other's assholes then take King Kong dick in their asses. Look at the photos and video to see that huge mother fucker invade their buttholes. Then it's time for five big rubber dicks on the Fucksall machine so each of them can take all five of those dicks in her ass at the same fucking time. This isn't just quad-anal. This is crazy fucking cinco-anal fucking from a powerful machine. Don't miss it. This is one you can tell the grandkids about. (more...).

Publicly Degraded Fisted Ass-Fucked

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Penny has long dreamed of being tied and disgraced in public. Tonight's her big night. They bind her hands behind her back and attach the rope to her bound breasts. They put a sign on her saying she's a worthless cunt for the world to see. She's fingered by strangers, ass fucked, fisted in her pussy and her ass for the first time, made to squirt more times than she knew possible, and used as a mop to clean the bar floor. Penny's dreams finally come true and the reality is better than (more...).

Disfigured Humiliated and Tormented

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PD decides that while Iona Grace has great features, they're not so good they can't be improved with a little bit of imagination. Some packing tape really lets him express his artistic side all over her. And while he enjoys her humiliation, his sadistic side craves a bit more. PD invites Claire Adams to help him use Iona to satisfy his sadistic desires. Iona couldn't possibly have thought a little bit of humiliation was all she had to contend with from them. These two have never been (more...).

Skull-Fucked Bound Girl Squirting

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Beretta's tied up and her mouth is wrapped balls deep around Matt's dick. He starts skull-fucking her in a hot aggressive owning of her face type way. The saliva runs down her face, all over her body. He pushes her further, slaps her face telling her to go faster and take him all the way down. He binds her ankles to her neck rope and rests her against the wall on her elbows. He flogs her pussy as she whines and whimpers from the pain. He demands she count them out loud. She squeaks out (more...).

Hardcore Bondage for Busty Ebony

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Yasmine Loven is a sexy ebony 18-year-old with huge natural DDD breasts and an amazing phat ass. She's about to experience her first ever hardcore bondage scene and they don't want to scare off this youngster. So they start slowly, introducing her to the gag, the flogger, the nipple clamps, the weights, and to being helplessly spread open in brutally tight bondage. By the time they touch her pussy with the vibrator she's ready to explode. Within a second she cums hard and squirts like (more...).

BDSM Sex Slaves Become Fuck Dolls

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Slavegirl has spent months in relative chastity after a serious misstep. For three months she's been denied any cock while in service and must approve all her sexual ventures with her Master. After she takes her final punishment, brutal shock therapy and humiliation, she's handed off to be used as a fuck-doll and cum rag. She's delighted to remember the privilege of providing sexual service for the House. Meanwhile, a house slave is put through a test to see if she may become the (more...).

Gia DiMarco dominates Iona Grace

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Gia DiMarco is a poised, ridiculously hot domme. Iona Grace is an insanely tough pain slut. They're let loose in the dungeon and what transpires is nothing but raw hot lesbian domination and sex. Heavy whipping, fierce caning, spanking, boot worship, ass worship, nipple torture, fisting in suspension bondage, squirting and strap-on sex are all included in this hot, hour-long girl-on-girl bdsm scene... (more...).

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