Tease Denial

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Lesbian Cuckolding Tease and Denial

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Here's a lesbian cuckold scenario. Lia and Chanel are girlfriends who both want to fuck the same bartender. Lia quickly learns that she'll always remain at the feet of her goddesses and only used to tease and deny. The girls put her through such tease and denial that Lia's pussy is pulsating and swollen with desire. She suffers so beautifully and does so with such a genuine gaze in her beautiful eyes. This all-natural petite blonde was just made to be tied-up and teased unmercifully (more...).

Femdomme Tease and Denial Punishments

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The classically beautiful Mistress Lorelei Lee is training Trent on obedience, control and patience. The sweet yet stern Lorelei teases him with her perfect body and perfect ass. She covers every inch of Trent's chest and mouth with clothespins then rubs her body against his. This seemingly sexy task is normally very pleasurable. However, with the added pain caused by the clothespins, Trent's mind is swimming with the confusion of pain versus pleasure. She then lowers him down so that (more...).

Hardcore Lesbian Cuckolding Therapy

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Sex addict finds herself restrained and locked in chastity. As she struggles with the inability to touch herself, her girlfriend and the psychiatrist watch her thrash herself into the walls of a padded cell with an intensity caused from her sexual frustration. Tease and denial ensues with brutal vibrator torment and finger-banging through a small access slit in the chastity belt, but ending in brutal orgasm denial. Treatment includes ass worship, face sitting, pussy licking, breast (more...).

Ultimate FemDomme Cock Teaser

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DJ wrote a pathetic letter confessing his deep obsession for Mistress Lorelei Lee, so of course this will be used against him. Mistress Lorelei plays DJ expertly. She uses the entire day for one big tease and denial extravaganza for the ultimate cock tease. You've never seen Mistress Lorelei Lee so sexy and you've never seen her deny a cock quite like this. Boot worship, humiliation, CBT, strap-on ass fucking, ass and pussy worship and wicked tease and denial are all included in... (more...).

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