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Pretty Boy Needs To Learn His Lesson

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Cocky blonde Jayden Holloway thinks he is someone special. In fact, when Victoria Sin invites him over, he is more than a day late. Victoria, with her long dark hair, killer body and sexy accident doesn't put up with crap like that. When Jayden does arrive he is in for a surprise. He is sitting in a chair in his underpants and before you know it Victoria has him taped to the chair, has a ball gag in his mouth and is swatting him with a whip. Pretty boy is a wimp and doesn't like being taught a lesson and besides, the spanking does hurt. He does learn his lesson though.

Cute Dominatrix Scene With Smiling Stud

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Victoria Sin and Brad Slater do the perfect cute dominatrix scene together. Brad is not all that submissive, he is a regular guy that agrees to be dominated and wasn't exactly prepared for what happens. He realizes that her nails scratching his back do hurt and you can see his buttocks tighten when she slaps him to protect himself from the pain. He begs in a smiling and cute matter to be let go. This is not your typical Dominatrix scene where the man needs to be totally dominated and the female needs to be in charge. Rather this is more of a role playing scene that average couples may consider engaging in.

Gobbling Jizz

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After sucking cock and getting fucked, two skanky brunette cum loving whores Victoria Sin and Talia Tyler each receive a really thick load of semen in their eager mouths which they eagerly swallow down.

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